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Our original Harbor Master Landscaper Body has evolved. Our customers are always looking for better ways and we are adapting our bodies to meet those needs. We now have three Harbor Landscaper Bodies in our lineup. First, we have the original Master Landscaper that comes with MDO Plywood Gates with dual side exterior laminate, Rear latch swing away rear steel frame gates that lock to side for dumping. To that great body, we have added the Harbor Pro Landscaper which adds a back of cab 24" storage box that is about cab high. The curbside of the box has three shelves and a pull-out deep steel drawer on Teflon bushings. This compartment goes almost all the way to the other side so it will carry long tools, gardening equipment, etc. and keep it safe and out of sight. The other side has a 22" deep compartment for smaller items and/or parts. It is available with one or more underbed boxes to match for additional space. Since this 24" box is in place, a typical 84" CA truck that would take a 12' Landscaper, now would have a 10' Landscape Dump and the 24" storage box. Many customers still prefer the 12' and this just requires the cab chassis to have a 108" CA. The Pro Landscaper has the same MDO Plywood sides and rear gate as the Master Landscaper. The ultimate Landscaper is the Harbor Desert Landscaper. It is a Pro Landscaper with the storage box behind the cab, but instead of MDO Plywood sides, it has permanent steel sides. In addition, it offers package of a swing-away front gate on the curbside with grip strut step and 1/2 fold-down gate on the street side for easier access. This option is available in the MDO on the Pro Landscaper as well. The Desert Landscaper is becoming more popular every day. Many customers prefer it for its long-term durability and they love the front gate option as well. All Harbor Truck Bodies Landscapers offer the Rugby dump hoist with sub-frame and offer a number of options, like steel overlay on the floor of the bed, underbed boxes, hitch, back-up alarm and more.
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